Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Taster session for Rock Choir

A friend of mine had been keeping me up to date through facebook about her enjoyment of Rock Choir.   My curiosity was spiked and so I booked in for a taster session last night.

What encouraged me to go was that it was a taster on the basis of come along and join in - see if you like it.   No audition - no pressure.

In my dim and very distant past I enjoyed singing and I used to sing in the school choir however now my singing is limited to the bath; shower and in a loose moment when I'm really thinking about something.   Do not ask me why I sing (hummmmm) when trying to solve a puzzle!!!

Anyway off I trotted last night and after deciding that I would sit in the middle range - not really knowing how I would describe my voice.   I found myself in the lower alto section ( see how I've picked up the language of song).   This seemed reasonably comfortable as I joined in what is a new song for the choir and for which great things are planned.    What did I say about pressure.

I found the singing really enjoyable and then the leader introduced movement.   Now a bit of sway moving back and forth is absolutely fine.   This was co-ordinated stuff - reminding me of why I always go to the back at step classes (avoiding the embarrassment of falling over the step as I try to get to grips with moving in time).

My excuse was that earlier in the day I'd taken delivery of a box of printer paper which was heavier than I anticipated and as I was manoevering it on to the ledge under my printer it fell on to my 'pinkie toe' requiring an emergency rush to a local chiropodist who kindly agreed to 'fit me in'.   I knew/hoped nothing was broken but the nail didn't look good - I'll spare you the details.   Suffice to say my bandaged little toe contributed to my usual lack of co-ordination in bucket loads.

Now the question for me is - this was a taster - have I been hooked?     I'll be back next week and you can look forward to more notes from the choir!

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  1. Ouch, sorry about the toe - so painful but at least you had an excuse this week. Singing is wonderful and uplifting in itself, so I can only imagine that a bit of exercise at the same time will make it even better - you'll soon be swaying in tempo. Axxx


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