Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Taster session for Rock Choir

A friend of mine had been keeping me up to date through facebook about her enjoyment of Rock Choir.   My curiosity was spiked and so I booked in for a taster session last night.

What encouraged me to go was that it was a taster on the basis of come along and join in - see if you like it.   No audition - no pressure.

In my dim and very distant past I enjoyed singing and I used to sing in the school choir however now my singing is limited to the bath; shower and in a loose moment when I'm really thinking about something.   Do not ask me why I sing (hummmmm) when trying to solve a puzzle!!!

Anyway off I trotted last night and after deciding that I would sit in the middle range - not really knowing how I would describe my voice.   I found myself in the lower alto section ( see how I've picked up the language of song).   This seemed reasonably comfortable as I joined in what is a new song for the choir and for which great things are planned.    What did I say about pressure.

I found the singing really enjoyable and then the leader introduced movement.   Now a bit of sway moving back and forth is absolutely fine.   This was co-ordinated stuff - reminding me of why I always go to the back at step classes (avoiding the embarrassment of falling over the step as I try to get to grips with moving in time).

My excuse was that earlier in the day I'd taken delivery of a box of printer paper which was heavier than I anticipated and as I was manoevering it on to the ledge under my printer it fell on to my 'pinkie toe' requiring an emergency rush to a local chiropodist who kindly agreed to 'fit me in'.   I knew/hoped nothing was broken but the nail didn't look good - I'll spare you the details.   Suffice to say my bandaged little toe contributed to my usual lack of co-ordination in bucket loads.

Now the question for me is - this was a taster - have I been hooked?     I'll be back next week and you can look forward to more notes from the choir!

A photo a day for 30 days

I enjoy taking photos its one of those activities which for me is guaranteed to press the 'de-stress' button.   So when I embarked on this I was a bit worried that it would turn into a task rather than an enjoyment.

The reverse happened:
  • I enjoyed taking my camera out every day
  • I captured snaps that I wouldn't otherwise have made.  
  • I looked at the world around me with what I hope I was developing as a 'photographer's eye'
  • I even returned home once when I remembered that I'd not put the camera in my bag!
  • I realised that I was allowing moments to pass in front of me for capture rather than thinking about what shots I'd like to take.
  • I had some serendipitous moments which were savoured; enjoyed and captured.
  • I've even passed on my love of the camera to my granddaughter - how cool is that!
Will I continue with my little camera? - oh yes and I've started a random set of photos for 2012 which I've now put on my flickr account which you should be able to access as I've managed to put a Flickr badge on my blog home page.

Saturday, 7 April 2012

Half way through my 30 day photo journey

Well I'm at day 15 of my photo a day for 30 days.   I'm feeling very connected to my small camera so much that its instinctual for me to make sure I have it with me now.    

This has been interesting for me because taking photos on holiday; for family get-togethers or indeed for work is second nature.   Its a record of who; what; where and when which serves as a memory of a moment in time.

I always thought I took in my surroundings however I'm recognising that familiarity results in being on auto-pilot.   Its a bit like that moment when your drive from A to B and you realise that you can't remember how you got to B.

The promise of a photo a day is making me take that second look.   Even a walk along the front is turning into more of an exploration of neighbours gardens or an extra pause to watch the ferry leave the terminal in case the light makes for an interesting photo perspective.   A shopping expedition is pleasantly interrupted by some street theatre.

There is something special about having the camera to hand and knowing that I've captured moments which I would not otherwise have done such as the peacock landing in the road just in front of me.   

Lets see what the next 15 days have round that corner...........