Saturday, 25 August 2012

An anniversary of blogging

This month marks a year of blogging for me.   How time flies in anyway;  however when I started I wasn't sure if I could sustain an interest.

As it has turned out blogging has become an excellent way of keeping touch with friends; making new ones and gaining insights into others lives; loves; dislikes and just general doings.

What a world has opened up - I've also learned that sharing the odd rambling thought or opinion is rewarded in friends and other readers commenting and sharing theirs.

In a way blogging reminds me of one of those pictures where you look through into mirror upon mirror upon mirror.   The reflection slightly changing as you get deeper allowing you to notice something not seen before.

I hope to notice and share more as this year unfolds.

Sunday, 5 August 2012

How to connect sewing to natural history....

Last weekend I spent time with my granddaughter and helped out with the summer childcare arrangements.   

Here are a few pictures of our play results:

after the bike ride I always treat Rebecca and we go to Costa - I had a coffee and she enjoyed a fruit cooler.  Rebecca then cycles back and enjoys counting the other cyclists she sees on her journey.   On this day it was very busy and we counted 32.

Rebecca painted my toes - and a week later they are still painted so not a bad job.

Jigsaws all completed by Rebecca with no help.

There is lots of lavendar in Rebeccas garden so we, well I really thought, it would be a good idea to make lavendar bags.   Rebecca's mum doesn't do much sewing so the next day we went into town on the bus to find a haberdashers.

We purchased some cotton, thread and sewing needles and made three lavendar bags which Rebbecca filled with lots of lavendar that we picked dodging bees who were collecting nectar to make honey.   Rebecca didn't mind them one bit and insisted on getting really close to see how they drank the nectar from the flower heads.  

Who would have thought sewing could connect to natural history - now you know!

Sorry no pictures as face painting was next on the play agenda.

Roll on the next visit.