Thursday, 7 June 2012

Getting to know you...............

Hello everyone,

Blogging for the blogger is a number of things:
  • thoughts written down
  • sharing memories
  • sharing experiences - in my case travels; walks; photographs etc
  • having a rant - always good for the soul
  • setting and sharing goals
  • all manner of communication really
Anyway it got me thinking what do I know about the people who pass through this blog; or come upon it through a search; who read a page and move on.........................

I'm interested in you; why not say something about who you are?

I know - you're thinking what can I say; how much do I say - well to get you started why not tell me:

  • where you're going or have been on holiday
  • if you have children in your life - share the funniest/oddest thing they said to you - you know what that is
  • if you could go back in time - where would that be
  • when did you last shout at the TV/Radio and why
  • something of your choosing.............................
and so a conversation is born.


  1. Hello Celia:
    Just over a year ago we started our blog for many of the reasons which you put forward here although, as far as we can recall, we have yet to 'rant' over any particular happening, probably reserving that for a letter to the papers or an email to our MP!!

    It principally remains a record for ourselves of some of the things in our daily lives we wish to record and remember. What we never imagined was the real friendships which have been established through the comment box both on our own and other people's blogs. These we regard as having enriched our lives.

    On that subject, thank you so much for the comment which you left on our most recent post and to which we have made reply.

    1. Thank you for your thoughtful comment. It is good to hear from people as they happen upon your blog and as I approach my first year of blogging - I can definitely say I'm hooked.

  2. Glad you liked StumbleUpon, Celia and thanks for the comment on the happy/right cartoon. The best way to Stumble one of my posts is to go to my blog, click on the heading of the post you like and then click the orange stumbleupon button at the bottom of the post if there is one or in the sidebar under the list of popular posts - that will take you into Stumbling - if that post hasn't yet been added to Stumble it will let you add it if you want to. Have a great week.

    1. Yes it is fascinating - but so easy to lose track of time as you stumble around - it is so aptly named.

  3. Hi Celia.... I am completely fascinated by blogging. I feel I am really getting to know the people I read, and who I know read my posts. I feel incredibly fond of some of them, and never having met them makes no difference at all. For me, I think it also replaces a very regular letter I used to write to a close friend, who died just before Christmas. Now, instead of thinking ...what do I have to tell her today... I think... ooo, I'll just post that thought.
    I wont answer all your questions....we know each other a bit anyway....but I'm not sure if you commented on my blog called "sleeping iguanas"...what my grandsons called pina coladas...just a few days ago. It still has us giggling.
    Take care.... and keep blogging. love Janice x

  4. Loving the pina colada! Comment and taste. Out of the mouths of babes comes great fun and you're right about the release and sharing aspect of blogging - perhaps another version of 'better out than in".
    Celia x


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