Tuesday, 24 April 2012

A photo a day for 30 days

I enjoy taking photos its one of those activities which for me is guaranteed to press the 'de-stress' button.   So when I embarked on this I was a bit worried that it would turn into a task rather than an enjoyment.

The reverse happened:
  • I enjoyed taking my camera out every day
  • I captured snaps that I wouldn't otherwise have made.  
  • I looked at the world around me with what I hope I was developing as a 'photographer's eye'
  • I even returned home once when I remembered that I'd not put the camera in my bag!
  • I realised that I was allowing moments to pass in front of me for capture rather than thinking about what shots I'd like to take.
  • I had some serendipitous moments which were savoured; enjoyed and captured.
  • I've even passed on my love of the camera to my granddaughter - how cool is that!
Will I continue with my little camera? - oh yes and I've started a random set of photos for 2012 which I've now put on my flickr account which you should be able to access as I've managed to put a Flickr badge on my blog home page.

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