Monday, 14 May 2012

The meaning of Loch Drunkie

What is Google for if you cannot search for meanings of this and that.  

In the case of Loch Drunkie I had to check out if it derived from Scots Gaelic and sure enough Drunkie is a corruption of the Gaelic Loch Drongaidh which means "loch between the ridges".   One of the ridges happens to be the line of the Menteith Hills.

Mystery solved!

Sunday, 13 May 2012

The Lendrick Loop

No - its not a new game - its the name of a walk.   My last venture took in lochs Venacher and Drunkie (still trying to find out why it got this name) and yesterdays meander is in the same area but from the opposite side and higher up the hill.

I took a slight detour from this walk to add in a hill climb to Stuc Odhar which was steep and a bit slippery.   Not sure of the incline but really had to balance forward to avoid risk of falling back and it certainly stretched the thigh muscles - as today testifies! but it's always worth it getting to the top.

Anyway here are some photos:

Path through the trees

Troll stone

Butterfly finding some nectar

Two lochs - Venacher and Drunkie from the other side and half way up the hill route to Stuc Odhar

Finglas reservoir island

(Scottish) boardwalk as the ground had been well churned up by cattle

Yurt in someone's garden

The Shoe box

Being a Granny is Great!   I spend special time with my granddaughter Rebecca:

and every now and then I send a shoebox of clothes goodies down and Rebecca has by now grown to recognise that this shoebox is for her and is from me.   When it arrives Rebecca does a full fashion show for her Mum and Dad missing nothing out.

There is something very pleasureable in giving and she certainly gives me lots in return.

This latest shoebox is being sent in time for her going on holiday and if you notice I've sneeked in some smarties!

Thursday, 10 May 2012

View of Loch Venachar and Loch Drunkie

On with the walking shoes today and a trip to Callendar to get in a forest walk which takes in some lovely views of Ben Venue as well as getting close to the waters of a couple of lochs.   A good solid 8 miler.

I'd never heard of Loch Drunkie I must say and I'm curious to find out how it got its name - some research is needed I think.   Needless to say I was sober as I meandered round lochs and through forest trails.

The sun keeked out occassionally and there was an ever present threat of some wet stuff but came to nothing.

This picture is looking over Loch Venacher towards Ben Venue.

Boathouse on Loch Venacher

Came across this clearing after following an ancient track.   I thought I'd followed the wrong road when hidden to the right in amongst the trees was the way onward. Phew!

Finally Loch Drunkie and as you can see the clouds came over just as I got there and makes for a dramatic shot I think.

Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Rock Choir - update

Another lovely, fun evening spent at rehearsal.   The song by Bryan Adams is pretty much learned now its just practice and practice with the moves.    I find when I concentrate on the moves I stop singing and when I'm singing there is one move section where it feels like I'm about to trip over my feet or stand on someone else's.  So practicing the song; it's now downloaded to my ipod - with the moves is the order for this week.

We have now been introduced to another song - "When the going gets tough" by (can you guess)?

Dates are going in my diary for events and another is upcoming again in June at the SECC where Rock Choirs from Edinburgh and Glasgow will be singing on either the Saturday or Sunday.

This could be a life takeover thing I think.

Wednesday, 2 May 2012

A May sunset

This week has been lovely and getting warmer as it has gone on unlike the situation in England with rain and flood threats. 

Last night I was treated to a lovely sunset and here are just one/two photos.

Such a deep red hue in the sky

Watching as the colours changed made me think how quickly the sun sets on another day.

Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Rock Choir

Well I have now joined Rock Choir and attended my second session last night.   One of the songs we are practising is a Bryan Adams number "When You're Gone".   Not being a Bryan Adams fan I hadn't heard it before and its now downloaded onto my Itunes library.

This will be sung at an event in June where Rock Choir is making a Guiness Book of Records attempt to have the largest number of singers nationwide singing this song at the same time. No pressure!

I'm still struggling with the co-ordinated moves and others have assured me it will fall into place - lets hope its not me doing the falling!