A photo a day........

Day 1 - 24th March 2012

The next village up from where I live is called Inverkip and it has its own Marina.   Catching sight of this small boat as it sailed through the morning mist reminded me that more will venture out after their winter rest - a sure sign of spring.

Day 2 - 25th March 201

The start of British Summer Time and guess who forgot.   My phone changed automatically which was the prompt to change my watch.

Day 3 - 26th March 2012
Today has been glorious sunny and even warm.   So pleased was I that I planned to walk one of the trails through Loch Ard.  The stillness of the loch water clearly reflected its surroundings reminding me of reflecting pools from afar.   Dropping a stone in the loch would have disturbed a beautiful 'aaaah' moment.


Day 4 - 27th March 2012

Another lovely day today so I decided to walk from Wemyss Bay to Largs.   This is a lovely route which has the sea on the right for most of the walk except for a section which is through wood and farmland.  On this section a peacock landed in front of me; it was as if it sailed through the air (that's called flying - isn't it) - I assume it came from the roof of the house I had just passed.

Day 5 - 28th March 2012

I took a wander into Gourock today and its surprising what you see when you're on task for a photo a day.   I've been to Gourock many times and just blithely walked past this statue of a girl sitting on her suitcase looking out to sea with her bucket and spade ready for action.   This made me think of the great summer escape.

Day 6 - 29th March 2012

Today I had the luxury of a facial - courtesy of my daughter.   No you are not going to get before and after shots.   Instead keeping to the healthy theme this week has certainly brought out that salad days feeling.   Today a Capri Salad - just perfect for sharing - even vicariously!

Day 7 - 30th March 2012
Attended a conference today on latest changes to equality duties.   Opportunity to network and keep up to date.   Guess what though I met an ex colleague from years back - 25 years in fact and we recognised each other - now who would have thought that.   Networking of course means sharing the business card which I share with you.

Day 8 - 31st March 2012

Shopping in Glasgow today.   The street theatre people are out and about to amuse and entertain.   I caught this 'statute' as he stood still for the passing shoppers and entertained children when he moved in different ways.   The young boy in the red jumper was mesmerised and always a delight watching childrens reactions.

Day 9 - 1st April 2012

Today at Wemyss Bay the divers were out to take in the wreck of the SS Kintyre which lies just off Wemyss Bay.   The Kintyre was a small passenger steamer which carried the odd bit of cargo.   On 18th September 1907 there was a collison with another steamer called the Maori as a result of which the Kintyre sank rapidly.  

Diving is very popular here and this time I was lucky to pass by just as these divers were coming out of the water.

Day 10 - 2nd April 2012

On my way into Gourock there was a flurry of activity as cars stopped by the side of the road to catch a glimpse of this submarine heading home.   My trusty camera was on hand to capture this.

Day 11 - 3rd April 2012

Waiting on new computer.   It arrived and was busy with set up so this is the photo I would have posted.  

Day 12 - 4th April 2012

All set up and in working order.   I'm amazed at how fast it is compared to my old model.   Anyway out and about today and caught sight of a bluebell that had forced its way among the daffodils.   They are a protected species and I'm amazed this survived last nights frost.   Snow is back on the hills.

Day 13 - 5th April 2012

Had to get down to some work today and during a break when I braved the cold on the balcony I spotted these swans - nest hunting do you think.   I do.

Day 14 - 6th April 2012

On this Good Friday a lovely card arrived from my granddaughter.   I'm posting 2 pictures - an indulgence I know -  to include a photo of her writing and I'm loving her very deliberate full stops.

Day 15 - 7th April 2012

Easter chocoloate duly purchased in readiness for visit to granddaughter next week and on route to shops I wandered through nearby trees.    Lots of damage was done in December of last year and its taken a few months for the uprooted trees and branches to be cut back.   However some remain and made for an interesting photo showing the damage nature can do. 

Day 16 - 8th April 2012

A Happy Easter everyone and I've really enjoyed my chocolate bunny!   The chocolate made up for the dreadful weather here.   Not like the Easters of old when I remember wearing summer dresses in my youth.

Day 17 - 9th April 2012

Broadband connection went down yesterday so nothing for it but to hike up to the Greenock Cut for a wander.   My usual route getting up to the Cut has had a diversion in place for weeks now as repairs are made to the single track road due to fallen trees during the December storms.   It seems that all around me lies twisted and broken trees.   It was a bit cold on the top but the sun came out for a couple of hours to warm things up a little - not enough however going by the smoke coming from this chimney.

Day 18 - 10th April 2012

Broadband connection back up and running so down to some work today.

Day 19 - 11th April 2012

This has been a day when all four seasons appeared and what was I doing - shopping for summer sandals.   Well optimism over actuality has always been a feature of mine.   Anyway success!

Day 20 - 24 - 12th to 15th April 2012

Visit to my granddaughter in Flackwell Heath - High Wycombe.   Four days of non-stop activity and here is a picture from each day.   I can assure you there were a lot more.   Some of these have been taken by Rebecca who likes taking pictures with my little camera and clearly takes after her Granny Celia's love of being behind the camera.   In this one Rebecca caught me mid slurp and advertising too!

Rebecca eating my pain au raisin - ah well!

Rebecca taking pictures from the train of the station.   I think this is quite interesting with her image captured as well
Science museum

Rebecca is concentrating hard in this shot

Scooter enjoyment

Day 25 - 16th April 2012

I arrive home tired and to a beautiful sunset.

Day 26 - 17th April 2012

Began the day with a catch up skype call with Baljit from Yorkshire and swapping stories.    My sick laptop was repaired while I was away so much happier now and to end the day this cruise ship sailed by - of to I know not where?????

Day 27 - 18th April 2012
Turned out to be a lovely afternoon so stopped trying to add a page to my website and decided to take the ferry to Rothesay.   One of the curiosities in Rothesay according to the tourist blurb is a a Victorian Gentleman's convenience or public loo.   Now let me say straight away that I do not usually find myself knowlingly in the gents!   However curiosity got the cat so to speak and I managed to sneak in - making sure that no one was using the facilities.

The facilities for women are unremarkable by comparison.

Day 28 - 19th April 2012

Although the sun was out again today I had to finish work on the website.   However a mid afternoon break on the balcony for half an hour gave me a surprise when this canooist rowed by.

Day 29 - 20th April 2012

Lovely morning bright sunny if a little on the fresh side.   My address is Undercliff and the reason being that it is under a cliff and sitting atop is this beautiful Red House.

Day 30 - 21st April 2012

I am now on my final day of 'a photo a day of 30 days' so what better way than to take a shot of my trusty camera.