Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Rock Choir

Well I have now joined Rock Choir and attended my second session last night.   One of the songs we are practising is a Bryan Adams number "When You're Gone".   Not being a Bryan Adams fan I hadn't heard it before and its now downloaded onto my Itunes library.

This will be sung at an event in June where Rock Choir is making a Guiness Book of Records attempt to have the largest number of singers nationwide singing this song at the same time. No pressure!

I'm still struggling with the co-ordinated moves and others have assured me it will fall into place - lets hope its not me doing the falling!


  1. Hello Celia:
    It is such fun, but also something of a responsibility being in a choir. On the one hand, it is so wonderful to sing along with other like-minded individuals but on the other hand one is so anxious not to make a mistake and let the side down.

    Well, practice makes perfect they say, so there is nothing for it now but to be humming along wherever you are!!!

    1. You are so right. I'm recognising that it's going to become a kind of serious enjoyment and one which will evolve the more I get into it.

  2. Video please, Celia! What fun. Just glad my choir doesn't require co-ordination - I'm struggling with the words. Axxx

  3. I'm sure a video will be made. The Glasgow Choirs joined together to do a 'flashmob' last year in George Square which is the big square in the Centre of Glasgow. There are a few youtube versions out there. You can guess what I'm playing in the car now!
    Celia x


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