Saturday, 7 April 2012

Half way through my 30 day photo journey

Well I'm at day 15 of my photo a day for 30 days.   I'm feeling very connected to my small camera so much that its instinctual for me to make sure I have it with me now.    

This has been interesting for me because taking photos on holiday; for family get-togethers or indeed for work is second nature.   Its a record of who; what; where and when which serves as a memory of a moment in time.

I always thought I took in my surroundings however I'm recognising that familiarity results in being on auto-pilot.   Its a bit like that moment when your drive from A to B and you realise that you can't remember how you got to B.

The promise of a photo a day is making me take that second look.   Even a walk along the front is turning into more of an exploration of neighbours gardens or an extra pause to watch the ferry leave the terminal in case the light makes for an interesting photo perspective.   A shopping expedition is pleasantly interrupted by some street theatre.

There is something special about having the camera to hand and knowing that I've captured moments which I would not otherwise have done such as the peacock landing in the road just in front of me.   

Lets see what the next 15 days have round that corner...........

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  1. I absolutely agree with you that the second look is often so very illuminating. Being away from friends and family, I often 'take' them with me as I go around, so I can see where I am through their eyes. It never fails to make me see things in a slightly different way.
    (Works for finding out where the house needs cleaning too!!)


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