Sunday, 13 May 2012

The Lendrick Loop

No - its not a new game - its the name of a walk.   My last venture took in lochs Venacher and Drunkie (still trying to find out why it got this name) and yesterdays meander is in the same area but from the opposite side and higher up the hill.

I took a slight detour from this walk to add in a hill climb to Stuc Odhar which was steep and a bit slippery.   Not sure of the incline but really had to balance forward to avoid risk of falling back and it certainly stretched the thigh muscles - as today testifies! but it's always worth it getting to the top.

Anyway here are some photos:

Path through the trees

Troll stone

Butterfly finding some nectar

Two lochs - Venacher and Drunkie from the other side and half way up the hill route to Stuc Odhar

Finglas reservoir island

(Scottish) boardwalk as the ground had been well churned up by cattle

Yurt in someone's garden


  1. A yurt - how I'd love a yurt. Wouldn't mind a troll stone either! Axxx

    1. Me too. I've always fancied staying in one and was so surprised to find this in someone's garden as I walked past.
      Celia x

  2. Your walks are glorious.... I enjoy them so much. Jx


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