Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Yorkshire Sculpture Park - Jaume Plensa Exhibition

On my recent visit to Yorkshire my friend Sue suggested we go to the Jaume Plensa Exhibition  http://www.ysp.co.uk/exhibitions/jaume-plensa.   Having lived in Yorkshire I knew the reputation of the Yorkshire Sculpture Park and knew it would be good and just how good.

I did not know the artist Jaume Plensa except that he is Spanish (Annie if you can manage it you must see his work)!

I took lots of pictures and I'll share them as I recall my sense of the exhibition itself.   
The artist used language and words to develop a curtain of poetry of language which visitors were encouraged to read and caress.   This reminded me of tibetan prayer wheels where if you turn the wheel the prayer is said.   This curtain allowed you to caress the words creating a tinkling sound of whispers.

 It was a glorious bright sunny day and the curtain was reflected on the opposite wall.  A range of world languages were use.

The exhibition was separated into internal and external exhibits.   One room housed a number of gongs which visitors were encouraged to hit with a mallet and listen to and feel the sound being made.   Each of the gongs made a different sound in the room and if you stood in front of one after giving it a hefty hit the sound reverbrated in your ribcage - very powerful.   The gongs had text written in the centre not readily seen on this picture.

Another of the internal exhibits was a room full of heads and again there were differences in terms of race but also of expression.   What were they thinking??????

Moving outside I was struck by two large see through head sculptures which were placed on top of the exhibition centre.  

There was something about being able to see through them and take in the landscape of the YSP that made it feel as if they belonged and in a surreal way made me think of Alan Bennett's - 'talking heads' series especially as they had rather a Churchillian look about them.

and I'll finish with a last piece a scuplture of a figure which you could walk inside of and made me feel that I was being hugged and wrapped in words.

This was the best exhibition I've been to in a while - if any of my readers get the chance to see Jaume Plensa's work grab it with both hands - you won't be disappointed.

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  1. This looks and sounds amazing Celia...makes me feel so lazy that I never get around to going to things like this that stimulate wondering and pondering.


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