Thursday, 8 December 2011

Storm tossed Scotland

I'm at home and have sensibly cancelled my eyebrow waxing appointment and taken advice to stay put.  

As I look out my kitchen window at the River Clyde estuary I see the river in a way I've not seen before.   I was thinking how to describe it when the phrase 'boiling sea' came to mind.   Probably dragged from my memory of reading such epics as Moby Dick and the Cruel Sea.  
Opted not to venure on to balcony (I am four floors up) what I won't do to get that photograph!  


  1. I think for now your wonderful description will suffice - don't risk a photoshoot. As for eyebrow waxing - I agree it was sensible to cancel!!
    Just read all your lovely comments on my blog - thank you!


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