Monday, 12 December 2011

Waiting for the post to arrive

Why is it that when you have to wait in for a package the day becomes little snapshots of activity to fill the space of waiting - or is that just me?

  • Paper re-cycling
  • Paying bills online
  • Tempted to shop online but resisting
  • Checking to see if post van has arrived x3
  • Wrote some Christmas cards to people I'd forgotten to send to - shame on me!
  • Tidying up my inner sanctum (bedroom) and finding odd socks - after I already re-cycled the other lone socks.   Lesson keep bedroom tidy or perhaps start wearing odd socks like someone else I know!
  • Baking - see lemon drizzle cake below.   Visiting my brother tomorrow for lunch so will share.
  • Blogging - always good to pass the time.
....and YES the post has arrived.  

lemon drizzle cake


  1. Hello Celia:
    Yes, indeed, we do know exactly what you mean but in our experience more often than not the anticipated, and expected, delivery fails to materialise. Or, as happened most recently, the main bell was rung but failed to ring in the apartment with the result that one of those infuriating little notices was left informing that the parcel could now be collected from the main Post Office, some considerable distance away.

    But you do seem here to have used your time very constructively and the lemon drizzle cake looks totally delicious. We hope that your brother enjoys it.

  2. ooh, this cake looks so much better than the blueberry muffins I tried to throw together this morning.....hope you and your brother enjoy it, the birds seemed to enjoy my ruined muffins, so not all was lost.


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