Saturday, 27 August 2011

Why - Avoid the Jellyfish

I have my good friend Annie Taylor to thank for this.
She wrote a memory on her blog ( and this triggered lots of memories which I shared with her. In the list was "avoiding the jellyfish" which was a pastime indulged as a child on holiday in Ireland. My grandparents lived on the West Coast of Ireland in a wee place called Cruit Island. The Atlantic roars in and brings with it lots of jellyfish which would get pushed on to the strand / beach. As children my many cousins and I when we visited for the summer had to be wary and navigate our way around them to avoid being stung.

Annie's suggestion of 'blogging' memories stuck!
So once explored and started what do I call this blog? For no reason that I can explain the phrase 'avoiding the jellyfish' stuck in my head and so for readers out there this will be a blog of memories about running free every day; clambering over rocks; wandering over the hill, thunderstorms, family and neighbours and all this while being encouraged to feedchickens; learn how to milk cows; churn butter; bake soda bread and learn to knit.

This and other more current random musings will I hope amuse and entertain.

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  1. This is wonderful Celia and I am delighted that my comment inspired you to go for it! Love the title, love reading and will be watching out for the next post with eager anticipation. Gave me sunny, summer goosebumps just thinking about your Irish childhood. Much love and big hugs, Axxx


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