Wednesday, 31 August 2011

The charms of Wemyss Bay

Firstly where is it?    It is a small village just north of Largs on the West Coast of Scotland and even has its own website:
I decided to move back to Scotland and in July 2009 this became a reality when I found a wonderful flat which I'm renting looking over the River Clyde.    I live on the top floor (great for keeping fit – especially on shopping day).   So what catches my eye from the window or balcony:
Rothesay Ferry which takes 30 minutes to transport you to Rothesay and the Isle of Bute.    The Ferry and Rail Station at Wemyss synchronise trains and sailings and I will share later some pictures of the Rail Station which hasn’t changed since the turn of the century.

Waverley Steamer which runs during the summer.   Fund-raising is currently taking place to keep the steamer going next year.   

The incongruity of Sub and Sail.   Submarine heading on its way out to sea and sail boat crossing watery paths.

and beautiful sunsets!

This year the Tall Ships Race came into Greenock and I was transported to a different time as sail boats from different eras gracefully sailed past.

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  1. You have fantastic views, Celia, endlessly changing. And what sunsets! The tall ships are really spectacular. Nice to find your link in my blog. Axx


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