Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Jellyfish and Bridget Jones

I relaxed last night by watching the 2nd Bridget Jones film – Edge of Reason.   One scene involved Bridget and her three friends trying to avoid an acquaintance who they called “the jellyfish”.
What followed in the film was a barbed exchange between ‘the jellyfish’ and Bridget.
The synchronicity of watching the film after starting this blog urged me to think about how to respond to such people.   Do you?:
A             smile and count to 10
B             bite back!
C             make a joke
D             just be happy that you’re more optimistic than they are
Answers as a comment please.

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  1. Hmmm.. might depend on the jellyfish but I think these days I'd probably choose C) make a joke. In a previous life, I'd probably have chosen B) and bitten back but I am trying to make it to D) and just be happy! And you??


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