Monday, 27 February 2012

The traveller returns.........from India

What can I say ......... I love India; its places; sights, sounds, smells (some of them less so) and the people.  

I'm still suffering 'jet lag' which means I'm awake and bright eyed at 4am which will ease over the next couple of days.

Rucksack emptied and washing done.   I've also re-stocked the fridge because I had nothing in.

I'm browsing through my photos over 700 taken so it will be a task to put them into different stories and memories for you.   Here are some of the people I came across:

Part of a wedding party:

Man mixing dye:

Buddhist priest:

Women making dung patties for the fire:

As soon as I've gone through all of the photos I'll share the stories with you.

My impressions are many and varied.   From the haves and have nots living side by side in Mumbai; to the people setting up home by the rail tracks (literally) and home being rattan walls on three sides with a plastic roof to families living on the street where bare bummed children run round and cool off under the street standpipe and share their smiles of enjoyment.   The industriousness of a people who never seem to stop working and to the shopping experience complete with rat running through the store where the shop assistant never missed a beat in showing me the next shawl.


  1. I'm really looking forward to the photos and stories Celia... and have been particularly amused by the tale of you explaining your wish for a round trip on the tram. So glad it all went well. Janice x

  2. Glad you're back and that all has clearly gone really well. Sights and smells - things of memories. So looking forward to hearing your stories....oh gosh, I'm turning into Janice's clone! I've just read what she has put and I've said almost the same. Well never mind - we both look forward to more information and lots of piccies! Axxx


It's always lovely to hear from you.