Monday, 30 January 2012

What to pack............

Next week I'm off to India for most of February so this week will see me pack and unpack until I've finally decided what to take with me.   I'm a frugal traveller so I tend to get the packing down to an absolute minimum - if I can't get it in my trusty rucksack - it stays at home.   After all its always possible to get things washed and support the local economy.

There are a few must items: first aid kit; (yes immodium has been purchased); mosquito net; sleeping bag liner; retractable padlock (for locking rucksack to seat on trains) and charger.  

So where am I headed - well the itinerary I've put together includes Delhi to follow the history of the Mughals and the major sites;  as well as some escape from the maddening crowds in the shape of the Lodi Gardens.

Mumbai for a little bit of Bollywood (apparently Westerners are popular extras in films - you never know!).   The high life tinged with history and temples as well as taking a Mumbai local tour with some young people who are being supported into education and employment through a social support project.  

Lets hope I can keep up as the tour promises to be a riot of hopping on and off buses, trains to fit in lots of different experiences.   I've also got time to visit Ghandi's house so that will be a bit of a thrill.  Not forgetting a number of markets and bazaars to browse as well as a boat trip to Elephanta Island - no elephants I believe.

Kolkata where I'm staying in a small hotel/guesthouse; the owners support local artistic talent so who knows what I'll see.  I will take time out to visit Howrah Station where the guide book states 2 million people a day come through it.   I don't know about you but I can't get that image in my head - maybe my camera will capture it.

Last but not least food - a vegetarian dream and it will be so nice not to have to explain and get strange looks about not eating meat.   Which reminds me of a story about the worst meal I ever had.............. for another day I think.


  1. Wow, Celia - it sounds fantastic! Glad you said most of February - you have quite an lot to pack in timewise as well as rucksack-wise. I'm sure you'll have wonderful time. Look forward to hearing all about it when you get back. Much love - and bon voyage! Axxx

  2. Thank you Annie I'm looking forward to what will be an adventure.


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