Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Thar she blows!!!

Well I was at home yesterday - good choice let me tell you as 'the tail end' of hurricane Katia struck.
I've lived here in Wemyss Bay for 2 years now and this was the stongest I've heard the wind and seen the sea rolling in.

If you've read my earlier post you will have read how I wax lyrical about the charms of Wemyss Bay and charming it is.   Yesterday however while the wind roars past my flat creating all sorts of internal whooshes; whistles; cracks and noise I was cautiously checking door and window frames for security against the storm.   There is something weird when double glazing appears to shimmer in a high wind.   All this while I'm distracted by the rolling waves from the river estuary below.

The Rothesay ferry which I can usually see from my windows was not running and neither were some of the trains further along the coast since the waves are now crashing over the lines and bringing down leaves and trees.

Power was on and off which suggests that there is no major line down but ........................here are some pictures:

Crashing waves

Spot the tree in the right side of the picture bending with the wind.

Rolling waves

....and today the wind and rain continue.    No-one can say the weather is boring!

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  1. Definitely not boring, Celia but a tad extreme, methinks! We've just had the usual here. (Hot, sunny, bright, windless...but the evenings have been a bit cooler; we've needed a light blanket.) Take care - don't go out unless you must! Axxx


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