Saturday, 14 July 2012

Largs to Portencross

Not wanting to waste this sunny and dry weather I embarked on another section of the Ayrshire Coastal Path from Largs to Portencross a distance just over 7 miles.   

Passing Largs Marina a sea of masts (sorry about pun!)

...and then an interesting piece of art which I'm sure has been painted by the children of the house.   It made me smile.

Once out of Largs this walk takes you through the village of Fairlie and then on past Hunterston Power station so its not the best section of the path in my view.   However once past the power station Portencross Castle comes into view.

On getting closer to the castle it was obvious that something was happening as I could see a piper on the battlements and just at that moment a cloud passed which made this quite atmospheric.

Now I quite like hearing the pipes and I do know that its not everyone's favourite instrument but what is a piper if you can't hear him.   


  1. Nice post. Have a good week.

  2. Thanks Carole - its a busy week ahead with new work contract.


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