Monday, 5 March 2012

Delhi - a days sightseeing

Pictures from Delhi sightseeing but first a street view from hotel roof garden:

Humayuns Tomb

This is south east of the centre of Delhi and is the first garden tomb built for a Moghal emperor by his wife Hajii Begum. Built before the Taj.

Ba'hai 'lotus' temple

This temple is absolutely beautiful.  From the outside it looks like a lotus flower and inside it is laid out reminiscent of a Cathedral - I found it to be beautiful and peaceful.

India Gate

Memoriam to war dead

Jami Majid Mosque

This is a huge mosque and square.   I heard one guide say that it can hold up to 25,000 people at major festival times.  Thankfully I was dressed appropriately and didn't have to wear this fetching robe as modelled by 2 American women

Delhi metro
Pictures aren't allowed inside the metro.   There is significant security in evidence at all major travel sources where photos are not allowed; bags are checked and passengers have to go through electronic security screens.   Due care is given to separate queues for men and women and screens are in place for women to be 'patted down'.  
The metro is a really cheap way of getting about if a bit busy.   Indeed this was the case for the metro in Kolkata as well.   I never really saw a time when it wasn't jam packed.  Imagine 'Mr. Bean' pressed up against the window inside a London tube and that should give you an idea.

Delhi train station
I wasn't sightseeing here but travelling as the next day I set off to Agra by train.  Indian Railways are brilliant.   Constant round of food being sold.   Very comfy seats for long journeys.


  1. wonderful photos...I hope you've got all your temple photos labelled....I bet it got confusing after a few...such spectacle, and so much of it.

  2. Such a awesome pics... superb...

    1. Thank you for dropping by. I had the best time in India as I keep telling my friends and urging them to visit. It is my intention to return to explore the south of your lovely country.


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