Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Quirks from a ....versatile blogger nominee!

Thank you Annie ( for this lovely nomination I can't remember the last time I was nominated for anything and the feeling is wonderful!

I sat back when I read your nomination and pondered (blogging is great for pondering I'm finding) on versatility which I associate with being adaptable and flexible.   Yes I thought I am those things when I'm in work and or indulging in the things I love such as travel; hiking and pointing the camera at something of interest.  

It's lovely to now link this description to my blogging which I would have described up to now as
' the randomness of a toy shop window".

Of course being nominated comes with responsibility as following the instructions from Annie I have to identify 5 other potential nominees as well as own up to 5 personal quirks.

On the nominations front I must be honest and say that I have not been very good at exploring the world of co-bloggers - this will be put to rights over the next month when I will explore with gusto in order to pass on 5 nominations so watch out if I visit your blog it is with a hidden purpose - oh I feel like a mystery shopper!

Turning now to the quirks - well my mind went blank and so I shared this task out to friends and asked them to come back to me with what they believe are my quirks so in no particular order:

My inability to go into a bookstore without buying a bookthis is so true I don't blink at spending £££ on books and do blink and splutter when it comes to clothes and other things.

My apre-walk ritual - of taking a warm long soak in the bath fortified by a large whisky and whatever book I'm reading at the time.

When the ironing basket gets full - I can only face it with the help of a good black & white movie to transport away from this most boring of tasks.

My face speaks before I do - I've never quite got the hang of 'masking' what I'm thinking much to the amusement of friends and colleagues alike who bring this to my attention - always after the event!   Ah well.

Never wearing skirts - and if the need arises floor length is my preference

So there you have it quirks and all!


  1. Lovely quirks, Celia - I particularly like the description 'face speaks before I do' - mine would have a job on as words are out my mouth before I've really had time to form an opinion....
    Hope you find some nice new blogs to pass the award on to. I love reading other people's blogs and admit to spending far too much time on the internet - valuable ironing and book reading time - to say nothing of old movies!
    Much love

  2. I'm with you all the way on the skirts thing, Celia. My legs are definitely for private viewing only and trousers (mainly jeans0 are more comfortable and practical in any case.

    As for ironing - only when it threatens to overflow the basket and then TV helps me too.

  3. Thank you for dropping by and following ...'G the P' is my Family history blog and 'Shozzy's place' is everything else.
    I agree that one can ponder and muse while blogging and hopping ...and the world seems so much smaller ...espesially to a non traveller like me.


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