Sunday, 23 October 2011

Work interrupting reverie.........and things breaking down!

I've been busy this past week working on a tender for a possible contract lots of effort and time goes into these things with rewards coming thin on the ground - still needs must when the devil drives and I'd be bored without some work coming in not say poorer.

The pressure of deadlines - and do printers 'know' when a deadline is lurking?   I'm sure that the printer gremlin was at work when my printer decided not to speak to my computer; to chew up paper and not spit it out; finally refusing to switch on at all.   Nothing for it but to check how cheaply I could get a new one.

Having said that I did manage to escape to the hills on Wednesday the only good weather day this past week.   Just an hour north of where I live there was snow on the tops!!!  

Picture taken on smartphone except I'm not smart enough to transfer it to PC yet as the smartphone software on my PC tells me it doesn't recognise my phone!   Stupid machine and why are they programmed to state the obvious or worse still try and second guess you when you create a document - no I am not writing a letter and yes I'm sure I want to delete this!!   Rant; rant.

In between thinking about the work deadline I'm getting ready for my granddaughter to visit next week - only one more sleep.   Don't know who is more excited!  

What happened yesterday - my sky box dies.   Thankfully engineer coming on Monday morning to fix as can't be without favourites like Peppa Pig and Dora the Explorer which are part of the night time ritual before book reading.  

In preparation - just to keep the Scottish / Irish roots alive for my Scottish/English granddaughter I'm going to introduce her to the 'Katie Morag' books by Mairi Hedderwick.   Katie lives on the Isle of Struay.

A fun packed week will be in store with promises having been made to explore rockpools; do some baking; visit a 'secret forest'; go on a ferry - lets hope I can keep up!

This morning I passed one of my neighbours as I was taking my broken printer to the garage for storing until I can get to recycle it.   Bemoaning my two broken pieces of electrical equipment Eddie advised me to 'break a match' which would then be the 3rd thing.   Why wait when you can take charge - so I did.


  1. Oh dear - I think you're right; they know! Don't forget knitting with your granddaughter!
    I'll remember the thing about the match - it's a good idea. A good rant is necessary from time to time and this was a good one!
    Have a wonderful time with your granddaughter! We can watch Peppa Pig here too - in Spanish!

  2. Oh dear - not a good week for technology then. I thought these things were meant to make life easier and stress free. Im at the point now where, unless I make an effort, things are starting to pass me by, I avoid mobile phone shops at all costs and increasingly defer to my 9 year old daughter for assistance.
    Anyway, hope you had a lovely week with your granddaughter. I find with Tigs now that whilst computer games etc are fun, the opportunity to go rockpooling or be creative with a discarded cardboard box thankfully still holds far more appeal.


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